Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals

It has been over a month since I posted something and while I can say I have missed posting, I can also say that I have been extremely short on time lately. So, I decided my comeback post would be one listing my February goals.

For the past few weeks I have been doing rather well with my eating and exercising and actually paying attention to what my body needs. There are some days where I have to reason with myself when it comes to things that I am eating. But, with that being said, I never deny myself anything that I want. I am a firm believer in the fact that moderation is in fact key and that one bad meal won't ruin your progress. I will leave it on that note and begin to list some of my goals for the month.

Here are my goals for February:

  • Hit the 25 pounds lost mark. This was also a goal for December (yes, December of 2013!) but since I didn't make it then, I have decided to have this as a goal until I make it. 
  • Exercise 4 days out of the week. This does not include weekends since I tend to by out for the majority of the day on Saturday and am able to walk more. Lately, I have really been enjoying Nike Training Club (NTC) and have used it nearly every single day. That is a NSV in itself and one that I plan on keeping up with. 
  • Maintain my healthy eating habits. I have a "semi" clean eating process going on right now. Where the majority of my meals fall on the healthy side while still leaving room for some meals that tend to be higher in calories (and not necessarily the healthiest options). This all goes back to the fact that I am not the type of person to deny myself something. If I want a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake; that is what I am going to have. If I want a brownie and ice cream; that is what I am going to have. 
These are my three main goals and I know that as the month continues to move along, I will come up with some more goals and I will re-evaluate the ones that I have listed. I am determined to make 2014 my year and I welcome you to follow me on my journey!


  1. You can do this! New follower!

    1. Thank you Crystal. Have you heard, my blog has moved over to beyondtheoldme.wordpress.com so I hope to see you there!