Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trust the Process

This truly is a process that is going to take both time and effort. I didn't expect to see results overnight nor did I expect to see the results that I desired in month or two months. I knew that it was going to take a while to see something but I have to trust in myself and not get discouraged by what I do or don't see / achieve.

I took a look at my measurements since I started recording them in March. Since then I have lost some considerable inches. I am not saying this to toot my own horn or to gloat, but it shows me that although I may not see it when I look in the mirror, something is changing.

Since March I have lost:

  • 3 inches from my bust
  • 3 inches from my chest
  • 5 inches from my waist
  • 2 inches from my hips
  • 3.5 inches from my thighs
  • 2 inches from my calves
  • .5 inches from my upper arms
  • 1.5 inches from my forearms
Looking in a mirror, I wouldn't have been able to tell that. Lately, I have noticed some shirts fitting me differently in my lower midsections, which was a major NSV for me, but I know that I can't stop and get overly excited by what the numbers the tape measure are showing me. 

If I continue like I have been, who knows how many more inches I can lose or gain via muscle definition. Essentially, I have to trust this process and see where it takes me.


  1. Whoa, those are some amazing changes in measurement! It's so hard when you can't SEE the changes yourself, but those measurements mean they are definitely happening, and it's always harder to notice changes yourself. Have you tried taking full body photos? You don't necessarily need to post them online, but I found doing them and comparing them helped me a lot with seeing the difference I had made that I really couldn't see in the mirror.

    1. You're right that it is hard to see the changes yourself and that is probably why everyone says that using a tape measure is the most accurate thing. I have thought about doing full body shots mainly because I was to have something to compare. I thought about doing that last month, didn't go through with it; so, I may have to do that this month. I see that as another way to hold myself accountable and it also gives me some motivation as well as an outlet to compare my before with my after.