Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Back

For the past week, I have eaten foods that I haven't eaten since I started my journey; especially honey buns (which I managed to eat 3 of in a week), hostess cupcakes and more! I told myself that I was giving my body a break and I know I did more harm than good this week.

This week, I was on vacation, a vacation away from my normal everyday activities and also a vacation from counting calories, which I didn't do at all this week. Between the burger from Wendy's for dinner on Sunday, the Chinese food for lunch Wednesday and the spaghetti for dinner the same day, the fried potatoes for breakfast (two days in a  row), all of the sweet snack junk foods and Seagram's beverages; I know I have practically eaten (and drank) double my allotted calories for this week.

Part of me is ashamed to admit that, but part of me isn't because I consciously made the decision to eat the foods, no one forced them upon me.

I told myself that I was also going to focus on exercising, I walked on the beach 3 mornings and also did activities in the pool everyday (which I would think would count for some sort of exercise). But I feel so far off of my plan, it will take me longer than a weekend to get back on track. It may even take me longer than a week to get myself back on track, but I am dedicated to getting myself back on track because this week showed me how far I have to go on this journey.

Normally, I would have also stated that any experience would have shown me how far I have come, but (in my opinion) I haven't come far enough to resist temptation or possess any sort of strong willpower that would have helped me this week.

On the other hand, I see how far I have to go on this journey and at this point, I have a lot that needs to be accomplished but I also need to take the time to reassess what has been going on, what has worked and what hasn't worked. On top of that, I also need to realign my goals and stick to a plan that I now I can succeed with.

I'm back and ready to tackle this journey with a new approach, it will take time (a lot of time to be exact) but the longer I spend on this journey, the more I can note progress and set backs. This next year (more on that in the next post) will be a wild one fill\ed with plenty of ups and downs but along the way I vow to myself that I will live beyond the old me and become the person I am destined to be.

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