Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Final Thoughts: MyFitnessPal vs. LoseIt!

I have been losing MyFitnessPal since June 12, 2013 and in those two weeks, I have dropped 2 pounds. That is an amazing accomplishment for me since I was either gaining or maintaining a weight I didn't want to while on LoseIt!. I am not saying LoseIt! can not help accomplish your goals, I am saying that at the moment, it wasn't helping me achieve mine like I wanted it to.

Since these are my final thoughts of both, there are a few things that are worth comparing, essentially some last minute pros and cons. Ironically, what is a pro for MFP also serves as a con for LoseIt! and vice versa. 

Pros of MFP:
  • You can log multiple days at a time. Therefore, I can log all of my meals for the week on one day versus having to wait for that day to actually come, like I would have to do on LoseIt.
  • Gives you your projected (just an estimate) weight loss in 5 weeks view. 
Cons of MFP:
  • Can only change your username once, so choose carefully!
These 3 pros and cons may not seem like much, but they are things that I search for. The only way that I can log multiple days on LoseIt! is to pay (upgrade to premium), but why should I have to pay for that? Luckily, MFP includes that. 

At this time, MFP is my choice and one that I was happy to make. MFP is working for me at the moment and I hope that it continues to do so in the future. As long as I keep logging, stay motivated and determined, I know that I will be successful. 


  1. congrats on losing, regardless of which website is helping! :)

    1. Thanks! It is a great feeling after being stuck at a certain weight for weeks.