Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Non-Scale Victory: Collarbone

I used to have an obsession with collarbones. It was something about the way a necklace fell across someones collarbone that intrigued me so much. Therefore, I was obsessed with my own collarbone.

As I began to gain weight, my collarbone slowly disappeared. As I began to lose weight, my collarbone began to slowly reappear. My collarbone has quickly become one of my biggest non-scale victories. It may not seem like a lot to most people, but it lets me know that I am losing weight and my body is shrinking (all while gaining muscle). That further reinforces the fact that something I am doing is right.

This is a long journey. Some will lose weight rapidly, others (like myself) will lose it slowly. One thing that both people have in common is the fact that they are losing weight. The numbers on the scale may not always go down, but non-scale victories will always be apparent.

There are so many non-scale victories that mean different things to everyone, the main thing is that it means you are working towards what you desire and achieving success along the way.

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