Friday, June 28, 2013

Week In Review

Looking back on my week, it started off well but I decided to switch things up around Wednesday. Here is how I did on my weekly goals.

  • Exercise - I did fine with my exercise on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I decided to take a rest day, then as an slightly unfortunate coincidence, Thursday followed suit. I can say that today will also be a rest day. Why? For the past two weeks I have lost 2 pounds (once each week) by exercising and eating some of my exercise calories back. This week I want to see if I lose anything and how much, by not exercising. 
  • Water - I am not sure what went wrong in my water intake, but I don't think I managed to get anything more than a couple of bottles into my system this week. Drinking water is always a goal that I will have every week because it is something that I have a yo-yo relationship with. I love water, some days I am in the mood for it, other days I am not. That's just how life goes I suppose. 
  • Monitor snacking - I am proud to say that I monitored my snacking very well this week. My snacks usually consisted of peaches, which lately have tasted like they were picked right off of a peach tree and lightly sweetened, they were just that good! (thanks Dole!).
  • Focus on balanced meals - my meals were pretty balanced, typically consisting of one carb, one veggie and a meat. That is something that I am proud of because I have been trying to limit myself to one carb per meal. 
The only thing that was different this week was the fact that I made the choice to give up three days of exercise to see if I would gain, lose or maintain any weight. That may seem like I am sabotaging my own weight loss journey, but according to MFP, the calories that I am allotted each day, are calories that would allow me to lose weight without exercise and tomorrow I will see if that is true or not. 


  1. I'm interested in knowing how your exercise 'experiment' will go as well. I look at so many different weight loss blogs and it seems to me that people that exercise daily get the best results. Then on the other hand, the experts say that you only need 3 to 4 days of exercise every week. I know when I injured my knee a couple of weeks ago, I missed exercising for a couple of days and my weight also remained the same. I don't know what to believe so keep me posted on how it goes. Also, have you ever tried those flavor packs that you add to a bottle of water and shake it up? I know a lot of people don't like to use them because of the artificial sweeteners, but on days when I just need a little flavor boost, it helps me to meet my water quota for the day.

    1. That's the main reason why I decided to skip this weeks exercise. It's always drilled into your head that you need to exercise to see results, but then I have heard of people who just counted what they ate and lost weight. So who are you supposed to believe? That what makes it hard.

      The only flavor packets that I have tried are lemonade ones. I do add those to water, but when I do, my water has to be ice cold. When I do use the lemonade packets they are very tasty and it does help me drink more water, which is the best part!