Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weigh In Day

I always get nervous before I weigh in. I am not sure what it is about it, for years I feared the scale. When I went to the doctor, I would always turn my head so that I didn't see the results on the scale. Luckily, all of the nurses caught on to what I was doing and wouldn't tell me what my weight was. Now that the scales are digital, I just close my eyes and never look down.

Part of me still feels that way now. I slowly look down at the numbers to see what they are; see if there is any loss, gain or if I am maintaining my weight for another week.

For the second week in a row (haven't been able to say that in a while) I am happy to report that I have another loss in the books. I was stuck in a rut for awhile using LoseIt! and since I switched over to MFP, I have had two losses in two consecutive weeks. If I have another next week (making three weeks in a row) then I will definitely know that MFP is a winner.

Total loss this week: 1 pound
Total loss since the start of this journey: 16.8 pounds (the MFP ticker to your right rounds up to the nearest number)
Total loss needed until I hit goal: 46 pounds


  1. Yeah! Another pound... that's great! You are definitely in control. Keep up the good work.

    1. I think MFP is working for me and although it is not the "2 pounds per week" that I am calculated for, I am still happy to see a loss each week.