Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Goals

The scales definitely worked in my favor last week and that is something I am pleased about. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am not getting too excited about this loss because lately, I have not had two consecutive losses in a while. Therefore, I am bracing myself for whatever is going to be thrown at me this week.

My goals for the week are very similar to the ones I had last week:

  • Exercise - I managed five out of five days last week and I plan on getting in another five days of exercise this week. Having a calendar has definitely helped me and it has shown me how much I have accomplished. The calendar simply pushes me to do more because I have come too far to turn back.
  • Water - My water intake was good last week and I know that it will be good this week too!
  • Monitor snacking - My snacking habit has gotten better. I did have a bit of a sweet tooth last week which happens every so often but I do hope to improve on that this week. Keeping my snacking habit to a minimum. 
  • Focus on balanced meals - It's summer time. Fresh vegetables are growing and I am ready to incorporate those into my meals. Fresh grilled vegetables are my favorite and this week I hope to incorporate more fresh vegetables into my meals. 
I am hoping that the scale will be in my favor this week as well and I know that if I keep my meals balanced, stay focused and keep to my workout schedule I should be fine. 


  1. I love how you plan your weekly goals. It's such a great idea. You know, I don't think I've ever had vegetables on the grill. The only thing I've had on the grill was meat... hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. By the way, you are doing GREAT!

    1. Veggies on the grill are absolutely amazing! We actually had them at our fathers day cookout yesterday and although by the time I got around to eating, they were a little on the cold side, they were delicious!

      Another great recipe for veggies is from the South Beach diet. Just get yourself a few veggies, Google 'south beach roasted vegetables' and be prepared to enjoy a healthy side (or main) dish!