Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too Big to Fit?

Because of my height, I carry my weight evenly. Looking at me, you wouldn't guess that I weigh as much as I do, but in reality I do weigh what I weigh. Although I carry my weight evenly, there are still times when I have to ask myself ,"am I too big to fit?"

Some instances where I have had to ask myself that question:

  • Getting in my car when someone parks way to close
  • On an amusement park ride where there is a lap bar that sits right on top of my muffin top
  • Through small spaces
  • In the bathroom stall!
Yes, you read that correctly. There have been times when I have wondered if I was too big to fit into the bathroom stall. For some reason, my university thought it would be a wise idea to make the bathroom stalls so small that you have to go in sideways. Talk about uncomfortable!

On more than one occasion I have been in a bathroom stall that is so small that you have to turn sideways to enter. I know that everything in the world is getting smaller. Portion sizes, cars, clothes, etc., but of all things, a bathroom stall! Really!

Not being able to fit into certain areas is not a pleasant feeling and it really makes me slightly self-conscious about what else I may or may not be able to fit into. But, that is why I am on this journey. So that I can walk right into the bathroom stall with no problem. So I no longer feel self-conscious about where I can and cannot fit. 

So I can show society that although you make things smaller for us plus size girls, we will beat you at your own game! 


  1. I know what you mean. Here lately, I've been fantasizing about what I might look like by this time next year. Of course, I'm picturing myself wearing size 10 skinny jeans with maybe a cute little, (notice I said little), tank top and sandals. Just keep hanging in there, Kari. Before you know it, we'll be able to look back on days like that and laugh. Every single day, you're getting closer to your goal.

    1. I do the same thing. When I started this journey, I told my mom that my goal was to be able to wear a bathing suit with no cover up. That is the image I keep in my mind at all times. One day, we will all look back on this and laugh because we have made great progress.

      Until then, I am left to wonder why in the world would anyone make the bathroom stall smaller! :)