Friday, June 14, 2013

Week In Review

At the beginning of the week, I always think "oh, this week is going to go by so slow" and at the end of the week my attitude has changed to "oh, this week went by so fast" and there are times when I wonder where did all the time go. Did I accomplish all that I wanted to? Did I have an unexpected rest day, when I could have moved my workout to earlier in the day and got it in?

After last weeks 4 (yes, 4!) rest days, I was determined that I was not going to have another week like I did last week.

When it came to exercising I feel that I did pretty good (and that is not to toot my own horn). I worked out all 5 days this week, like scheduled. Yesterday, I knew a terrible storm was going to blow through that night and that we would probably lose power (which we did) so I moved my workout to the morning. That was the best decision I could have made because it proved to me that I am truly dedicated to changing this lifestyle.

I can't help but be proud of myself because I did make it all 5 days, adjusted my schedule and I even beat a couple calorie goals I had.

My water intake has definitely improved. Numerous bottles a day, plus refilling various water bottles has left me a happy (not dehydrated) camper! This is something I have definitely been struggling with lately and I hope to only improve on that.

When it comes to stopping the useless snacking, I could have done better. I seem to have an obsession with Otis Spunkmeyer bake-up brownie rounds. One day I successfully ate 4 of them! I am not proud of that number, nor am I proud that all four of them combined is a whopping 600 calories! The only good thing about that is that I had enough calories at the end of the day, even with eating them and I have burned those cookies off. Now, I limit myself to just one cookie per day, if that. When I have a sweet tooth, I have been eating grapes to satisfy that (normally 18 - 20 grapes) instead of over indulging on junk foods.

I would say that I focused on round eating this week. For three straight days I had a tuna fish sandwich at lunch (I can't say that I won't fix another one for lunch today) but it was better than a high calorie meal. Dinner has been pretty good as well (yesterday was an exception) with most of my dinners being my higher calorie meals. Breakfast has also been balanced.

Overall, this week was very good. The numbers on the scale have fluctuated so much recently that I don't know what to expect. Some weeks I lose, others I gain. Two weeks ago I lost over a pound, last week I gained over two. It's a never ending battle but I am here to push through that. If I gain weight this week, it doesn't mean that I will be giving up, it means that I have a few more adjustments to do. If I lose weight this week, other than being happy, it means that I am doing something right and need to continue on that.


  1. You're on a roll. Exercising 5 days a week is great. Hey, I packed tuna for lunch today, too. I love it, but I also struggle with drinking water. I start my morning with coffee and end my day with hot tea so I try to squeeze in 3 to 4 bottles of water in between. I just wish water had more flavor.

    1. Some days I can drink bottle after bottle of water, others I can barely take a few sips. I love the taste of water, although it has no taste, and one thing I have found that enhances that taste (especially on a day where I can only take a few sips of water) are single serve lemonade packets.

      Just take a cold bottle of water, take a sip out, add your single serve packet and not only do you have lemonade (low calorie too) but you have now enhanced the flavor of your water!