Monday, June 3, 2013

Softball Shorts

I had a non-scale victory a week ago that I meant to post on Twitter but never got around to doing so. I played varsity softball for 4 years and when playing softball your uniform can be anything from sweat pants to baseball style pants to hot pants.

We had these old dusty baseball style uniforms, I am convinced they were baseball uniforms because we looked just like the boys. The following year we raised money to get ourselves some new uniforms. We eventually upgraded to mesh shorts (we were supposed to wear hot pants that year, but those of us who were plus sized, my friend and I, were strongly against that and subsequently the team did not wear those hot pants) then baseball style pants which flattered the female physique.

My non-scale victory came when I tried on my mesh shorts a week ago and they fit me and didn't ride up my thighs! I didn't even realize when I put them on that they were actually comfortable until I started walking around and realized that they were no longer riding up.

You can imagine it was horrible running bases when your shorts were riding up. I always had to do a slight jiggle when I reached the base or lunge forward as I was taking my lead so it didn't look my shorts were forming a triangle shape with my thighs. This happens to me on a regular basis when I tend to wear shorts, but not anymore.

Whenever I have a non-scale victory it lets me know that I am still playing the game and that I am well on my way to winning. It takes time and patience but reaching a goal is attainable. I tell myself that because I am still working towards reaching my goal. These non-scale victories just serve as more motivation to keep doing what I am doing.

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