Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Goals

Last week I conducted an experiment to see how much, if any, weight I would lose when I did not exercise. I did lose ounces, but I like to lose pounds (don't get me wrong, I will take ounces, any loss is a welcome loss). This week, my goals pertain to what I want to achieve overall. I have been on this journey for over 6 months and it is time to step back and re-evaluate what I have been doing.

  • Exercise - I am starting Bob Harper's workouts this week and my goal is to workout for at least 6 days (including today). My workout schedule is available and should give you a general idea of what I am going to be doing. I am at the point in my journey that I have been asking for; I have more time on my hands and I need to utilize them better. I started off this journey on such a high note, I was geared up and ready to go then as time got away from me, I started to slack a little on my workouts at home, but push myself in the gym. Since I have more time I don't have one valid excuse as to why I cannot workout. 
  • Water - I am going to push myself to drink more water, I have to push myself if I am going to be successful. My goal this week is to drink at least one CamelBak Eddy full of water each day. I say at least, because it might be a stretch to get in that much, but I am going to try. 
  • Balanced Eating - When I started this journey, I was geared up and ready to go (second time you have read that in this post). My eating was balanced, but as time got away from me, I was eating what was convenient all while making sure I was staying under my calorie budget. I would eat a bagel, fruit and soup for lunch because I was on campus and it was convenient for me to grab. It wasn't the healthiest of foods, but I was staying under my calories for the day which made me happy. Right now, I am ready to take a 360 and make a change. More protein, fewer carbs. More veggies, fewer starches. This weekend I indulged in some of my favorite foods. Part of me is ashamed to say that, the other part isn't. I have dessert sitting on my counter right now that I will be eating. Part of me is ashamed to admit that I will be eating it later,  but that is the only way to get it out of my system. 
I have hit a point in my journey where I can look back and see the areas that I could have succeed in but didn't. I was eating under my calorie allotment but not eating the healthiest of foods. I was taking weekends and special occasions off.  

It wasn't until recently that it hit me, I am cheating myself out of what I deserve. I deserve a healthier me and although I am still counting calories and working out, I am cheating myself. I have a lot to improve on and I have a long journey ahead of me, longer than what it should be because I did cheat myself in the process, but long enough to show me what I deserve. 

I can't keep cutting corners, I can't keep taking weekends off, I can't keep taking special occasions off. Don't get me wrong, having a cheat day every once in a while won't kill me and it can be helpful if I am in a plateau because it allows me to shock my system, but every weekend can't be a cheat day. 

I can't keep cheating myself. I won't keep cheating myself. 

Everything changes tomorrow.

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