Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today, I accepted two challenges on Lose It! (www.loseit.com). The first challenge, which was created by individuals on Lose It!, is "you bite it - you write it". You have to log what you have eaten everyday. So far I have logged 15 days (that is everyday since I have started this journey on January 2). Those 15 days have placed me in the top 5.

I also decided to join the "unstoppable" challenge, also created by individuals on the site. For this challenge, you have to log everything for 16 weeks. This should be no problem seeing as though I plan on using Lose It! even after I reach my weight loss goal (which is scheduled for August).

For now, these are the only two challenges that I have joined. February is a new month and is bound to bring about new challenges, I may look into some more then.

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