Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just Be You

On this journey there are times when you will get discouraged and want to go back to your old ways, which is understandable and normal. Your heart has to be in a program before you can succeed in it. You also cannot compare yourself to others.

Right now, I am sitting in my schools dining hall (eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich) while another female student sits in front of me and consumes an Entire Einstein’s Bros. bagel along with one of their blueberry muffins (I can attest, the bagels and muffins are FANTASTIC). That image alone may be discouraging to some, they may ask themselves “Why can’t I eat like she does and still look that good” (she is probably a size 2 by my estimations – yet looks healthy).

This is where that comparison comes into play; you can’t compare yourself to those around you because you are your own individual.  Metabolisms vary, exercise intensity varies – you just have to do you and be comfortable with it. Some people struggle to gain weight just as we struggle to lose it.

Another thing I wanted to touch on while it was on my mind is even if you are plus size you don’t have to wear frumpy clothes to workout in. In an earlier post I mentioned how clothes can motivate a workout (or something along those lines). Find some workout gear that makes you feel good and then ROCK IT!! Don’t worry about what someone says if you like to wear your yoga pants or your legging everyday so you don’t have to change your clothes to go to the gym, because guess what, I am on your side. I hate having to put on clothes that I actually have to zip, button and pair with a belt. I just want to be comfortable.

If you have ever seen the Tide commercial (I hyper-linked it so go ahead a view it), I completely agree with what she is saying, yes I am too lazy to put on real pants but guess what, I am not too lazy to hit the gym and break a sweat so I can burn some calories and feel great about myself afterwards.

If you haven’t already, stop comparing yourself to others and live this weight loss journey for who it is meant to be about – YOU! Feel great about yourself, feel motivated and most importantly feel inspired to make a change in your life. 

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