Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being Bloated Blows

I feel like I am suffering from a carb overload. This weekend, the majority of my eating came from celebratory eating (see previous post if you don't know what I mean). I felt that I did good, eating mainly vegetable with a spoonful (not even full) of a carb. I did this for two days. Yesterday I had pasta mixed with chicken and today I had spaghetti and now I am suffering from my version of a carb overload.

I have constant feeling of being bloated lately and I typically have that when I have a flare up of GERD (not caused by food choices), but that is not the case this time. Instead, my constant eating has caused the flare up to occur and I am left in a constant state of discomfort and a constant state of being bloated.

Of course no one wants to be in this situation for too long, therefore my next few days will be spent getting my body back in the condition it should be in. Actually sticking to my Lent plans and monitoring my intake of carbs, even if limiting the majority of them form my day all together. I plan to increase my time at the gym tomorrow and Friday to an hour (I say that all the time and never do it), if I don't start now, I never will plush this gives me a chance to get my digestive system back in order.

Pushing myself when I get tired at the gym may not seem worth it, but when I feel good leaving the gym (from pushing myself to new goals) it becomes evident that it is worth it. Just because I haven't been feeling up to par lately doesn't mean that I am abandoning my weight loss goals and dreams, it just means that I have to buckle down and stay focused on this journey.


  1. I absolutely hate the feeling of being bloated. It is good that you are jumping back in and getting yourself straightened out with your eating habits. Those few days can certainly throw you for a loop, especially if you have not eaten that way in a period of time. You can do this, just keep pushing yourself and you will reap the rewards. Be patient!

  2. Ah, that picture is so cute! But I concur, bloating is no fun. I hope you feel back to normal soon!