Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weigh-In Day.....Non-Scale Victories

Today's scheduled weigh-in day was cancelled because I wanted to talk about non-scale victories. Non-scale victories are more important than the ones you see on the scale. About a month ago I purchased a sweat shirt representing my college. The first day I wore it, it definitely fit (by fit I mean it was a perfect fit and I do mean perfect) this week when I wore it, I had room in it (which made me very happy). I have noticed that some of my pants fit looser which is a definite accomplishment for me.

So often we get caught up on what the scale is saying and we don't pay attention to what our body is saying. Although the scale may not reflect this, my body is telling me that I am doing something right because my clothes are fitting different. My body is also telling me that I am doing something right when it comes to the gym because I am able to last longer and higher intensities. I have also noticed that when I eat, I don't eat all of my meals because my body is telling me that I am full way before I am finished.

Our bodies have this unique way of telling us things that we sometimes ignore because the numbers (on the scale) don't reflect what we think they should. It's not all about what we see on the scale, yes those numbers do play a role in weight loss, but the most important thing is that we feel better and our bodies have a way of telling us that, we just have to pay attention.


  1. I'm just starting to learn the beauty of NSV's. Even though I have the scale telling me I've lost weight, and I sometimes think I can see tiny (almost imagined) changes in my body, putting on a pair of jeans that are noticeably looser is an amazing feeling. It's a confirmation that what I'm doing is having a tangible impact.

  2. I love NSV's. I had one last week but I do not remember what it is to post it on your wall. :( The numbers on the scale are not as important as the NSV. I think that the NSV helps to make the numbers concrete and remind us that we are doing wonderful things with our bodies and continue that work. Keep it up, you have got this!