Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catching Up (Biggest Loser Workout, Weekly Goals and more)

This past week had been hectic for me. The last day of school was Tuesday, which was followed by two exams (with two papers due) on Thursday, which was followed by preparations for a wedding on Thursday and Friday which was followed by the wedding on Saturday. School really wore me out but preparing for the wedding took my mind off of everything that had been going on.

Another thing that helped me was the Biggest Loser workout. I started the workout on Friday April 26 and it has really been challenging me to dig deeper and push myself to get more out of the workout. I am still on level one, which is fine because I have yet to master all of the moves. Lunges have always been difficult for me because of one of my knees so the two weeks on level one is beneficial for me because I know I have another week to get more than 4 lunges completed. I am slowly getting better on my push ups, which is a definite accomplishment because those have always been hard for me. So far this workout is working for me and it gives me something to look forward to because it is only 30 minutes (at the moment). In the end, I may go ahead and send it back so I can avoid problems int he future, and with sending it back I may or may not upgrade to the FT7 (just a thought, not too sure).

One of the biggest helps when doing my workouts have been my Polar FT4 HRM. But, my chest strap and sensor managed to get their way into the washing machine yesterday and wouldn't work. Today I took the battery out and it seems that it is working okay but I am really upset that I may have to replace it. But hopefully my taking the battery out and wiping it down will allow it to work again, that still doesn't take away from me being upset that it happened.

This weeks goals are identical to last weeks because I had success with those goals.

  • Log everything - Before it goes in my mouth, it will be logged, this is the only way I can be accountable for everything that I eat or drink. 
  • Exercise - School is finally over (for now) and I have more time to exercise and that is what I am going to do. My goal is to exercise at least 5 days out of the week (that include weekends) and I know I can make that happen. 
  • Focus on clean eating / cut out junk foods - I have an addiction to mint chocolate chip ice cream and no mater how many calories I do or do not have I will not be cutting that out of my system (last Thursday and Friday were the first times I had mint chocolate chip ice cream in weeks) but my goal is to keep my ice cream intake to one or two days a week, no more. I am still monitoring my carbohydrate intake and trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into my meals. 

This is everything that I have been meaning to put up on the blog this week and I am thankful for today to do that.

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