Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I knew that in order for me to be successful on this journey, I would have to stay motivated. When I started this journey, I definitely did have motivation, but for the last 6 days my exercise motivation has ceased to exist.

In my defense (not sure if I can use this in my defense) last Thursday was an unexpected rest day, mainly because I had two exams and was getting stuff together for my cousins wedding and I was away from home from 6am until 3:30pm then again from 5:40pm to 11pm. But, I was all for doing my workout at 11pm when I did get home but I also knew I had to be up the next morning to finish more stuff so I told myself I would have my one and only rest day of the week. Friday was the same thing (final touches) and my rational was "hey, you've been out all day running around, you can take a break" and I did take a break. Saturday, exercise wasn't even an option, because I once again told myself that "today, every thing is coming together and you will be on your feet all day today" so I had yet another rest day.  Sunday through today my bed has been calling me and so have those lifetime movies which meant I haven't done a thing but eat. In my defense again, they haven't all been high calorie foods, mainly fruit (although those low calorie foods can soon add up).

So where is my motivation?

I don't know where it is, but it is slowly coming back today. I love doing the biggest loser workout but I have been in a rut since my Polar FT4 has been away from me and I think that (believe it or not) that is the reason I haven't been motivated to jump back on the workout train. On the other hand, I made it before without my Polar and I shall make it again (until I have a new one or upgrade to the FT7).

So today, I am back to doing the Biggest Loser workout because my entire reason for being on this journey was to become a better me and I can't do that by sitting on the bed, watching lifetime movies and eating. My body is telling me that it is ready to work harder than ever for what I want, I just have to get up and listen to it; I have to motivate myself.

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