Monday, May 27, 2013

Restaurant Picks

I love to eat, that is no surprise. I am actually known for saying "I'm hungry" every 20 minutes or so out of habit. For the longest time, foods were a comfort for me. If it was there I ate it. If I had a taste for it, I would eat it. If it looked pleasing to the eyes, I would eat it. There is very little that I won't try (there are some major exceptions, anything with BBQ sauce is definitely out, anything with coconut (even flavoring) and any kind of box macaroni (I won't say the name brand, but it comes in a blue box and used to have a jingle associated with it) and even with the things that I am willing to try, I used to try them to be "sociable" at times. That has stopped now and I am only eating when I truly am hungry or when I need to. 

Since I love to eat, I also love to go to restaurants. This post is all about some of my favorite restaurant picks. Some will be low in calories and others won't, mainly because when things are eaten in moderation, you can adjust the calories you are eating. 

Ruby Tuesday:
Turkey Burger (801)
Green Beans (45)
Zucchini  (41)
Salad Bar (calories optional)

Red Lobster:
Salmon (250)
Baked Potato (200)
Salad (100)
Cheddar Bay Biscuit (150)

Olive Garden:
Breadstick (150)
Salad (116)
Dinner options vary, they have released a few new menu items (one of which is the Shrimp Penne which is absolutely outstanding) therefore calories options for these are unavailable. Some of my favorites are Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (710), Fettuccine Alfredo (1,220 - I don't eat all of this in one sitting).

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (300)
(Unfortunately they no longer carry my favorite carrot and raisin salad, so I have to fill in with something else)

Double Stack (400)
Value Fries (230)
Small Frosty (320)

These are just a few of the meals that I enjoy (when eating out) but one thing that should be made known is that I typically eat these meals on days that I have exercised and or days that have close to 1000 calories that need to be consumed. Other than that, I just monitor the menu very well. If something has a 'ton' of calories, I only eat half. If I know I have burned enough calories to eat the entire thing, then I will. It just depends on how my day is going. Other than that, I don't neglect myself any of the foods that I want to eat and those I do eat, I enjoy thoroughly. 

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