Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weigh In Day

This week I have been focusing on eating only foods that I could log into LoseIt!. I logged everything, from low calorie drinks to condiments. It takes a lot of time to log everything but after a while it does become a habit and is easy to maintain. That is why I owe today's results from the scale to my entire week.

Today's weigh in revealed a 1.2 pound loss, talk about excited!! I wasn't sure what to expect because my last two days of eating have been kind of off schedule, but seeing that loss has motivated me to get back on the right track, which means; more clean eating, more exercise and more water.

Since starting the Biggest Loser workout I will take measurements next week to see how they compare when the 6 weeks are over.

Total loss this week: 1.2 pounds
Total loss for the month: 1.2 pounds
Total loss since the start of this journey: 16.4 pounds

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