Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Test

I have never been a strong test taker. Not through elementary, middle or high schools and definitely not through college. Yet, aside from my test taking abilities, my grades have always been exceptional (I am not saying that to toot my own horn), but once thing I have realized is that this weight loss journey is just like a test.

I started this journey at the beginning of the semester (in January) and just like when starting a college class, the semester comes to an end (in May) and you start a new one or you take summer break. If I had to look back and grade myself on this ultimate test (which at the moment has four components), this is how things would go:

  • Eating better - 'C' - I give myself a C because I could (and still can) do a lot better. I have made a lot of changes to what I eat; mainly swapping regular pork sausage / bacon with turkey sausage and turkey bacon, more turkey burgers, egg substitute, wheat breads, etc. I have made the changes that I felt needed to be changed but at the same time, I know I can do a lot better than what I am doing.
  • Exercise - 'B-' - I give myself a B- on my exercise because I don't exercise as much as I would want to but I really kicked it up a notch this year and started to exercise in general. Joining a gym was a big thing for me (although going to the gym on campus is included in tuition and additional fees). I have also tried my fair share of at home workouts and finally found one that will work for me, which also serves as additional motivation on this journey. 
  • Water Intake - 'C' - There is no question as to why this gets a grade of C. I know I can drink more water during the day, I just don't. It's not because I don't like water, it is because I am not always in the mood to drink what my body actually needs. 
  • Starting this journey - 'A' - I give myself an A for this because it took a lot on my part to even start this journey once again. I have started and failed in the past (by saying I failed, I mean I gained the weight that I lost back) and to start again was a big step for me.
This is just the beginning for me and I have a while to "improve my grades" on this weight loss journey but it will take some time, longer than I would hope, but I have to be patient. In the end this is just a test, I may not always get the grades that I want but I can still pass with hard work and dedication. 

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