Friday, May 31, 2013

Week In Review

I feel very good about this week. I am not sure what it is, but this has been one of my best weeks  I have had on this journey thus far. Yes, it did start of rocky (especially with all of that eating over the Memorial day weekend) but I feel that it is ending on a high note. Without further adieu, here is how I did on my weekly goals.

  • Exercise - I have successfully exercised Monday through Friday!! That is the best that I have done on this journey as well. My motivation came from creating my workout calendar and I wanted to make sure that I was crossing the days off. Each day exercised, leads to another week completed. 
  • Logging everything - my logging was pretty good as well. I logged at least two meals and a snack each day (notice how I said at least, some days I was able to log all 3 meals). Logging my meals helps me stay under my calorie budget but it also shows me if I need to eat more calories to get closer to that goal. 
  • Water - if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my water intake is getting better. I have been drinking more water each day and although I may not be refilling my CamelBak every few hours, I am drinking the majority of the water that is in there.
  • Limit the amount of sweets eaten - I am proud to say that I only had mint chocolate chip ice cream 2 days this week. For me, that is a huge accomplishment because I love, love, LOVE, mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
I didn't step on the scale at all last week so I am not sure if I gained anything (strong possibility that I did) therefore I am not sure how my weigh in will go this week. If I have a gain, it could mean that I gained last week and am losing some of that this week. On the other hand, if I have a loss, I won't even think of a rationale for that, because I won't need one.

I am more excited to take measurements tomorrow (even if there is no change) than I am to step on the scale but at this point, I am just excited to see what tomorrow will bring.  Hopefully good news, if not, I am still excited about my progress this week, because I definitely feel that I am ending on a very good note.

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