Monday, July 8, 2013

Bod Rev / Cardio Conditioning

Last week I started doing Bob Harper's 4 DVD workout set. The workout I completed last week was Pure Burn / Super Strength. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but was pleasantly pleased at the end of the week with what I had accomplished. The only sad thing about it is the fact that I only did it for a week before moving on to another DVD in the set (more on that later).

The workout I am focusing on this week is Body Rev / Cardio Conditioning and since today was my first day completing the workout, I figured I might as well give my initial thoughts.

It. Was. Hard.

Here is a description of the workout, provided on the back of the DVD case:
An intense hour of explosive, heart rate accelerating cardio. Try to keep up with Bob and his team as they push you harder and faster than you thought you could go.

Yes, I admit that this workout is another intense one and it is hard at times. There were two times where I had to take a break because I was feeling lightheaded. The parts that continued to those lightheaded feelings were the weighted swings (not the exact name I don't think), mainly the ones where you were down then up down then up, all in swift motions. After taking those necessary breaks, I was back up and at it.

This workout is mainly cardio, which is fine by me but you did get in a fair share of moves with weights. I set a goal for today's workout to burn 450 calories, I fell short of my goal by only 15 calories which I don't think is too bad at all.

I also set an overall goal to be able to do two a days, because I want to get more cardio into my days. The reason I will be able to do two a days is because this workout (& the one last week) feature one hour long workout and one mini-workout which runs about 25 minutes.

Normally, I do the one hour workout first then later in the evening (especially if I am bored or nothing but repeats are on TV) I will do the mini workout, which is targeted towards beginners.

The workout is hard but I am committed to finishing this week out strong like last week and I look forward to the weeks to come.
Now, here is where the problem comes in.

I am really enjoying these workouts and how they push me, but I only have them scheduled to be completed for one week at a time. Therefore, I will be extending the workouts to two weeks each (not necessarily consecutive) but I want to get at least 8 weeks out of this set of DVDs.

I hope to get another updated version of my workout schedule up on the workout schedule page within the next half hour.

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