Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Temptations / Trigger Foods

There are plenty of foods that have tempted me on this journey, the foods can be called "trigger" foods. My temptations / trigger foods often call out to me. It may sound strange, but when I pass them, it seems as if they are calling my name. The further I get from them, the louder it becomes. Of course, I know this is all in my head, but it is all to real for me.

My main trigger foods are desserts. Key lime pie, brownies, mint chocolate chip ice cream (or any kind of ice cream for that matter) and often times, fast food - Bojangles is my number one temptation right now.

These foods are ones that I know I have the willpower to avoid, I just have to have the willpower to avoid them when I have the urge to eat them.

Yesterday, I was able to pass up on Five Guys and Sonic because I told myself that I didn't want to waste calories on foods that weren't worth it. Instead, I went to Shoney's and loaded my plate up with greens, green beans and corn. I had a small helping of mac and cheese and a piece of fried chicken. I was able to eat more food, healthier food, there than I would have at Five Guys or Sonic. I made my mind up that I was going to have a piece of hot fudge cake from Shoney's but once I looked up the calories, that thought quickly left out of my mind.

I guess you could say this is a non-scale victory, being able to resist some of the foods that tempt me the most. I resisted them yesterday because I had a great workout session and was proud to finish my day with around 546 calories left. Same for today, right now after logging all of my meals, I have 979 calories left for the day. It's not that I don't eat, I have done nothing but eat today, it's just that I have been eating healthier and cutting out a lot of those trigger foods. Eating healthier means I am not consuming as many calories, and working out harder, means I am earning exercise calories. Which all equals, larger calories deficits at the end of the day.

Rachael, a great blogger over at 'My weight loss journey' made a list of her trigger foods and placed them on the refrigerator. Talk about a great idea!

Making a list of all of the foods that tempt me and the rewards I can get from not eating them are the next thing on my DIY today list. It is also one of the things that will benefit me the most because after all, I am what I eat.


  1. Trigger foods are a pain in the butt! I am glad that you have realized some of yours and have the willpower to abstain from eating from them. That is also a really good idea about having a list of trigger foods. I may have to try it because Lord knows my list is VERY long! You should post your list so everyone can get an idea. :)

    1. Ashley, I know what you mean about having a long list. I will definitely have to make one and post it! Stay tuned for that!

  2. I checked out your Instagram pictures. Reading about your progress is always great, but it was also very inspiring seeing how well you're doing, too. Also, I completely understand about foods calling out to you and you did a good job of ignoring those voices. Resisting temptations is hard. I often wonder if it will ever get any easier, but you'll find that making out that list of trigger foods will help you a lot on your journey. It is certainly helping me. You're doing awesome, Kari!!!

    1. Thanks to your post on trigger foods I think it will help me as well. Posting it on the refrigerator is also a great idea because it kind stops you in your tracks when you want to have one of the foods. Keep up the good work Rachael!