Thursday, July 25, 2013

Worth a Reward

My featured question on MyFitnessPal today focused on rewarding yourself when you reach a goal. 

Whenever I reach a goal on this journey (whether it is weight related or not) I always try to reward myself with something. I will admit, if I have hit a plateau, I will shock my body with food. But when it comes to rewards, I try to focus on something that is not food.

I like to focus on things I can actually use that will take me farther along in this journey. My number one preference are shoes, especially Nikes but I also indulge in clothes or a new lips gloss / eye shadow. No matter what, it isn't food. 

I have set my next shoe purchasing goal at 40 or 50 pounds lost. That is because I have my eyes set on this amazing pair of Asics that, from an economical point of view, are well worth the wait. If I hit another 10 pounds lost goal, then I will more than likely reward myself with a new pair of running shorts (although I don't run), a new shirt or a heavier set of dumbbells. 

The more I can challenge myself on this journey, the more I can succeed on this journey. There are times when I am in the midst of a workout and I tell myself "i'm tired" or "i'm not feeling this right now" but then I look down at my Polar HRM and I see those calories that I am burning and I am reminded why I am pushing myself harder and harder each day in these workouts. Because I have a goal. I love to see the numbers on the scale go down. I love to see my arms gaining definition. I love the way my clothes fit looser. I love the fact that each day I can give myself more reasons why I am on (and enjoy) this journey and if that means throwing in a couple of rewards here and there, then I am fine with that. 

I look at these as incentives for myself, something I look forward to. I know that if I push myself harder that I will reach that goal and that I will be able to bring home something new to reward myself with, something new that will not cause me to gain any weight. 

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