Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Won't Let Go Of

Earlier today I posted a question on MyFitnessPal but if you follow me on Twitter, you have already seen that question.

I received some great responses to this question. After I asked the question, not only did I wonder what are some of the foods that I have given up or have been consuming in moderation but also what are some foods that I refuse to give up (stubborn, I know). 

When I look back on it, I haven't completely given up any foods, but I have been eating them in moderation. For instance, a month ago, I was eating Bojangles fried chicken once a week (at one point I ate it twice a week), today I realized I haven't had fried chicken since July 4th. Earlier in the year, pizza was a regular thing for me. Especially since Pizza Hut was on campus and it was easy to pick up a personal pan pizza, bread sticks and a drink (and yes, I ate it all; and no, I wasn't ashamed to eat it all back then). I haven't had pizza in weeks either. Soda is another thing, it wasn't until after a friend on MFP mentioned that they cut out soda that it hit me. I haven't had a soda in nearly two weeks and don't miss it one bit. Small changes can turn in to something even bigger. 

Looking at things that I have reduced to only eating in moderation it made me wonder, what are some foods that I refuse to give up. The main answer ... chocolate. Anything chocolate, especially devils food cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream are the two things that I don't think I will ever cut out of my system. 

I can go without carbs for periods at a time, I can go without fried foods for periods at a time and if I really put my mind to it and buckled down, I could probably go without red meat (not doing anything drastic like that any time soon) but I refuse to give up my chocolate. 

Moderation is key. Sometimes it takes cutting some foods out of your system to see that you really aren't missing much. Then there are times when you can allow yourself to have one of those foods that you cut out. It depends on your preferences and goals but don't deprive yourself of anything that you want because you are only harming your body that way. 

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