Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Goals

I haven't done a monthly goals post in a while now and since the month is almost at its mid-way point, I figured I better jump on the opportunity now.

My goals for the month of July are to:

  • Lose 2 - 3 pounds. Last week I focused on strength training which resulted in a gain on the scales (they do say muscle weighs more than fat so I am hoping that is what was going on). I still want to see a loss on the scale. Although a loss in weight doesn't mean as much as a loss in inches, it is still nice to see the numbers go down. 
  • Increase strength / pounds of weights. Last week I was using 5 pound free weights, at the end of the week I moved up to 8 pound weights. By the end of July I would love to be moving up to 10 pounds free weights. 
  • Complete at least 40 push-ups in a minute. I could never do a proper push-up. I am even known to modify the "girl version" but lately I have been getting better. I am not able to do about 30 push-ups in a minute and that is with keeping my knees on the ground and my back and butt level. That's progress right there. 
  • Lower my BMI. I plan on investing in a new scale that measures weight, BMI and water weight which will help me in the long run when it comes to accurately measuring my numbers. 
  • Lose 3 inches overall. It doesn't matter from where, but, I would love to lose at least 3 inches altogether. 
Better late than never with these goals, I think I can still make some progress if I keep focused and continue with what I am doing. 


  1. Great goals. I like how you never settle, you constantly push yourself to the next level. You're definitely going to see results with that kind of determination.... that's awesome.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Rachael!