Monday, July 29, 2013

One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days for me, a day where I want to workout but can't make myself move from the bed to the floor. Nothing is going on with me health wise to make this move so hard, its more psychological.

I will be starting my senior year of college in a little over three weeks and I couldn't be more excited. The only downfall is that based on my schedule, part of my brain has told me that I won't have much time to workout. Don't get me wrong, I don't go to class everyday but on my days off I will be doing my internship and by the time I make it back home, the only thing my eyes are bound to be set on are the bed.

This may seem like I am setting myself up for failure way to early in the game but I know how I can be, I can be hard on myself.

For the past month I have pushed myself to complete what I consider "intense" exercises. It takes me a while to get up and moving and once I do, there are times when I am counting down the minutes until the workout is over and there are other times when I am pushing myself harder and harder because I have finally  'mastered' the move and have fallen in love with it (in this case, split lunges!).

Part of my lack of quick moving comes from the fact that I realize I am on step closer to being in the 'working' world. I already feel like I am going to college and working and for one, the semester hasn't even started and two, neither has my internship.

I tell myself that I have to find some sort of balance in my schedule. Thankfully, Tuesday through Thursday are only half days and Monday morning, Wednesday evening and Friday are solely focused on my internship. That is technically some sort of balance isn't it? I hope so.

Speaking of finding balance, I also have to find time to reset my mind and body by working out. I love the feel of my bed but know that if I want to stay on a cardio regimen I will have to get up early some mornings just to get in a workout. I cringe at that thought because I already feel like I don't get enough sleep (in reality, I may be getting too much sleep) so how can I give up any of my sleep?

The simple answer, because I know I need to.

The more complex answer, because I know I have come too far to let a semesters worth of classes and an internship stand in the way of my health and well being. I started this journey because I wanted to make a change in my life, a change for the better, and in order to do so, I know that I have to make some sacrifices to my usual routine.

I am not disputing the fact that this won't be hard for me. Right now, I have convinced myself that after I have eaten lunch I will play my workout DVD and knock out two workouts. So, once the semester rolls around, I know it will take some convincing on my behalf to actually take the time to workout.

What is the purpose of this post? Essentially, the more you want something the more ways in which you will try to make it happen. I want to end the year on a successful note and I know that in order to do that, I can't stop what I am doing for 15 whole weeks just because I don't think I will have the time. I have to make time. If I can't wake up at 4:45 am to do a workout, I just have to do it when I get home. If I miss a workout, then I just have to use one of rest days to make it up.

Life is about sacrifices. If I want something, I have to sacrifice something else in order to get it. If I want to continue to lose weight, inches and build some muscle, then I have to sacrifice some of the time I would normally be spending watching television in order to achieve that.

Like I said earlier, it is about time for me to enter the real world and start making some major decisions and one of those decisions is what am I going to give up in order to be successful.

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