Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekly Goals Update

My week has been progressing rather well. I hit a pivotal moment in my journey yesterday when I finally realized how I reacted to myself and not how others saw me. Check out how my weekly goals are coming along.

  • Exercise - I have been pushing myself in these exercises this week. The one thing I can say about these exercises is that they are pretty repetitive. I am not saying that in a bad way but in a way that indicates, once you have done them on one disc you are ready to do them again on another disc and have the hang of it. My workouts have been lasting a little over an hour and I have yet to do the 13 minute workout this week (giving me my two a day) but the week is only half way over and I still have time. 
  • Calorie deficit - since the start of my week on Monday, I have not eaten back any of my exercise calories. I simply don't log them until the end of the day that way I can make sure I don't eat any of them back. I seem to have a greater average weight loss at the end of the week when I have a higher calorie deficit at the end of the day. 
  • Low to no carbs - for the past two days, I didn't eat any carb (grain, pasta, etc.) other than cereal but today I must admit that I had a half of a club sandwich when I went out with my godmother. On the plus size, it was only a half of a sandwich and I picked the croutons out of my salad. This is just a minor incident and I will steadily be moving forward on my low to no carb plan. 
  • Water - I have taken down at least 4 cups today and have done pretty well over the last couple of days. 
  • Lose at least 1.2 pounds - that is still left up in the air since the week is not over yet. 
So far, I have done pretty well on my goals, but I still have two days left in this week and I am not sure what those two days will bring, but I hope they bring something good. 


  1. Great goals and don't worry, you're going to do great.

    1. Thanks for the positive energy Rachael!