Friday, July 5, 2013

Week In Review

I can say, this week has been a very good week for me. I truly am proud of what I have accomplished this week and although I have a long road ahead of me, I know that if I keep pushing myself like I did this week, everything should fall into place.

Here is how my week went:

  • Exercise / Weekly Weigh In - I have put in 5 days of exercise this week alone which is something to be proud of and it is only Friday! This week I completed Bob Harper's Pure Burn / Super Strength and it focused mainly on weight lifting in addition to cardio. I am pretty nervous for my weigh in tomorrow since I have been lifting weights all week. I would have been fine with a gain, because it would have been a gain in muscle but I would have also been fine with a loss. If I do have a gain, I won't be stressing it because of the muscle build. Here is a break down of my calories this week via MyFitnessPal. My weekly goal of exercise minutes is 120, this week alone I have completed 331 minutes. My calories burned goal is 1,090 and this week alone I have burned 2,184. 

  • Water - My water intake has definitely improved this week and I owe it all to my intense workout sessions. Either way I look at it, I am getting water in, which is what I have needed all along. 
  • Balanced Eating - My eating has been all over the place this week. For the most part my eating during my main meals was balanced but I had a strong craving for brownies on Monday and I can never eat one brownie and be done with them, I have to "help" eat them until they are gone. It is a bad habit and one that I am keeping under check. On the other hand I did pretty good with my eating yesterday. Unfortunately I left my turkey burgers in the house, so they never made it out to the grill so I chose to eat a hamburger and will be fixing my turkey burgers tonight. Other than the burger swap, I stuck to my spaghetti salad and a small helping of baked beans. I was surprised that I didn't have a taste for a hot dog, but I will admit that I enjoyed some fried chicken wings. Dessert was on another level, I am not ashamed to admit that I did enjoy a small (so small it was gone in 3 bites) helping of apple pie and blue bell ice cream, a cupcake and small slice of key lime pie. The only reason I am not ashamed to admit what I ate is because I have worked hard during my workout this week and it wasn't like I spend every day eating like that. 

I definitely have a long way to go but July is off to a very good start and I plan to keep it going like that. I have made more progress this week than I have in a while and although I won't be celebrating that just yet, I feel that good things are waiting for me as long as I keep pushing myself to be the best I can be.


  1. Wow, sounds like you killed it this week! You definitely have good things waiting for you, especially if you keep working this hard!

    1. Thanks Rylie! That means a lot!