Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Goals

Last week, I spent time strength training, which was reflected on the scale. This week, I want to see the numbers go down again, way down actually. I would love to lose 2 pounds this week, but my goal is to drop at least 1.2 pounds. I know that if I accurately monitor what I am eating, count my calories (i.e., log all of my foods) and workout, I should come close to that goal loss; as long as I get in enough calories.

Here are my weekly goals:
  • Exercise - I am starting a new workout this week (Body Rev / Cardio Conditioning) and although I won't complete the workout I had scheduled for today, I will be getting it in tomorrow (so two in a day, something I have been aiming towards). I surprised myself with how many days I was able to get in two workouts last week and that motivates me to get in two workouts each day this week. Therefore, my short term goal is one workout per day, with my long term goal being two workouts per day. 
  • Water - I need to keep drinking water and as much as I possibly can. My goal last week was to drink an entire CamelBak each day, but I managed to get in more and I want to keep that up. 
  • Balanced Eater - I have a thing for rice cakes and for the past week I have been snacking on them. I normally eat these as one of my snack, while I try to eat peaches or pineapples as another snack. That allows me to eat three balanced meals. I eat the same thing. on the same day each week (ex. Tuesday - Eggo's, Wednesday - boiled egg, etc.) and have been trying to bring some balance to that. I want to get in more protein versus carbs, but I have been struggling with that. I want to get in more veggies, fewer starches; more protein, fewer carbs.

I would definitely love to see a loss on the scale this week and accomplish all of these goals and I know that if I put my mind to it and believe in myself, that everything will fall into place and I will have a successful week.


  1. You're aiming for 2 workouts a day??? You go girl! I wish I had your energy. As a matter of fact, you may be able to drink more water doing 2 workouts. I know that during my workout, I can easily go through a bottle or more. I'll have to try rice cakes one of these days. I've seen them in the store, but they just look like they wouldn't have much flavor. As usual, you're doing AWESOME!

    1. I find that with these DVDs it is easier to get in two workouts (one is about an hour and the other is about 25 minutes) and you are right, I do find it easier to drink more water. In the hour long workout I drank about 550ml of water, which is great for me.

      Rice cakes are delicious! When you look at them, they seem bland but since they come in flavors that makes them better. I personally prefer something like apple cinnamon but they also come in cheese flavor (I don't care for the taste of cheese products so I stay away from those). I definitely think they are worth a try!