Sunday, March 17, 2013

College Student Losing Weight

If you have read my profile (provided at the right of this page) you know that I am a college student who is striving to lose weight. That is already tough as it is but what makes it even tougher, is when you are a college student who is not fixing their own meals (by fixing I mean, starting from scratch and seeing it all the way through).

Now, don't think to far into that, there is nothing wrong with my hands and I am perfect capable of fixing my own meals (I have done it plenty of times before, but mainly in the summertime and when I am spring and winter breaks) I just don't fix them that often.

One of the things I like about fixing my own meals is exactly that, I am fixing my own meal. I am fixing what I want to eat and not focusing on what other may want or how they want it prepared. Sundays are the worse for me. I try to help my mom plan the meals but chances are it won't be fixed the way I want it.

Now that is nothing against my mom, who is a wonderful cook and will go to the ends of the earth to see that I succeed on this weight loss journey when it come to meal prep, but when you are fixing meals for everyone other than you, the way they get prepared goes so far off of the way you intended. Not sure if that makes sense, let me break it down. If I request chicken breasts with rice and a vegetable, the chicken will be fixed with some kind of sauce or onions and peppers (things I don't like all the time and definitely don't want them mixed in to my meals).

Therefore, when I get the opportunity to fix meals, I jump on it. I fix them the way that I want and that is that. Anyone else who wants some can add whatever they like when they choose that way they don't interfere with the way I intend my meal to come out.

Now this post may sound like a big complaint but it is more of an expression of how I value the times in which I can fix meals for my family. It allows me to fix something that I enjoy, that's low calorie (no one other than my mom and I need to know that) and something that I will want to eat off of again. Therefore, what I want to express in all of this is that only you know the way in which you want your meals prepared and if that doesn't happen often, don't be afraid to fix them yourself and allow family members to add in things that they want.

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