Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visual Aids

I have decided that I need to set up visualizations of my weight loss. I have heard of those on a weight loss journey keeping track of what they lose (and unfortunately gain) with jars and marbles, like this:

I have also heard of those on a weight loss journey marking off their weight with something similar to this (instead of this computerized version, I would have a handmade version to give it some personal appeal):
Although this is small, the object is to cross of the numbers you have left to go. For instance, I have 48 pounds left until I reach my goal, so I would cross everything up until 48 (because that is what I have left to lose).

This is something else I found to be interesting, which may work out better for me:

Each time I lose a pound, I (or someone else, if they feel generous that day) will put a tip in the jar. The reason I say this will work out better for me is because I participate in Relay for Life, which is a week after my birthday this year. As my contribution, I can donate "my pounds lost" (the money of course!!).

These are just a few of the ideas that I have come across (or that have been brought to my attention since I started this journey). Hopefully, I can get some of these visual aids started this weekend.

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