Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weigh-In Day

I am not sure what I did this week that played a major role in today's weigh in. All I know is that when I stepped on the scale I thought it was broken. I stepped on the scale, then back off the scale, then on and then off because I couldn't believe what was displayed (digitally) in front of my eyes.

I went down the hall to get my tablet to see what I weighed last week when I updated my weight in Lose It!. I even had someone else get on the scale to see if it was accurate. I stepped on the scale once again and put this new weight in.

This week, the scale revealed that I lost another 2.4 pounds. Unbelievable for me because I am not sure what made this week so different. Maybe it was yoga meltdown, I am not sure (I will be doing it again next week though).

This week just tells me that I am still in control on this journey and although I have a long ways to go, I can complete the rest of this journey knowing that I can accomplish anything.

Total loss this week: 2.4 pounds
Total loss for the month: 4 pounds
Total loss since the start of this journey: 17.2 pounds (I hit my mini 15 pounds lost goal!!!!!!!)