Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yoga Meltdown Day 2

Today, was my first semi-full day of Yoga Meltdown. I say semi-full because I completed 22 of the 30 minutes, which was an improvement over my 12 minutes completed yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, this workout is going to do as it is intended. I can say that now as my arms are sore, but I know that is from my muscles working the way they are supposed to.

Each of the movements is doable and as always you have your "beginner" guide and your "advanced" guide to help you, so pay attention to them. One thing that I have learned is that it is okay to alter the movements to fit you. If you have bad knees, don't go so far into a lunge, if you have a bad shoulder, don't make such large arm rotations  etc. You know your body and you know what works and what doesn't work for it, so make the appropriate changes.

One thing that I have discovered is that, although it is time consuming, it is better to watch the DVD first to get a feel for all of the movements so you know what to expect (of course you don't have to sit through the whole 30 minutes, you could fast forward).

My initial plan was to use this as a substitute for the days in which I am not able to make it to the gym, but for some reason my mind has been telling me that I need to give 30 Day Shred or Ripped In 30 another try. I am not sure why my mind is telling me that, but it is and it may be a good idea to listen to it.

With that being said, things may have to be amended (which is to be expected). If I decide to go back to 30DS or RI30, they will take place 2 days out of the week with the third being a more relaxed day, therefore, a YM day.

I would prefer sticking to one main workout, with a side workout (for me, that would be the gym and a DVD). But, my body may be telling my mind that I need to switch things up, and maybe it is time that I listen.

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