Sunday, April 21, 2013

Strange Things

It's funny how things happen. One day you may lose weight but no inches, the other you may lose inches but no weight. In the end, you are still working towards the same goal and no matter how you reach that goal, you are doing it on your own terms. 

Last week I mentioned that I have a wedding to attend and another week has passed with no weight loss, but a loss in inches and I am proud of that. Looking on the bright side, I do have another 14 days (including today) to work on meeting some more goals before the big day. 

This weeks goals:
  • Focus on clean eating - getting more fruits and vegetables into my body needs to be at the forefront of my mind all the time. Before i tried to tell myself if I couldn't log it into LoseIt! then I wasn't going to eat it, that worked but a lot of healthy dishes I may eat, may not be in LoseIt! so I have to make some amendments.
  • Exercise - this is still big for me. Getting in the gym excites me and once I complete a workout and see how many calories I have burned it feels as if I am on top of the world and that makes for a great remainder of the day. 
  • More water - Focus on drinking more water each day. If I don't focus on the specific ounces, I do better with consumption. 
This week I am keeping my goals simple because when it is all said and done, these are the 3 things I have to focus on anyways. These are the 3 things that my body needs to function and it is about time that I paid attention to these three things. 

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