Monday, April 29, 2013

The Biggest Loser - Cardio Max

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had recently started the Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout and I am in LOVE with it so far. This is the first at home workout that I have found in a long time that actually challenges me and pushes me to new levels.

The workout, a 6-week program for maximum weight loss, features Bob, Jillian and Kim. Bob takes on cardio level 1 and leads the warm-up (5 minutes), cardio level (20 minutes) and cool down (5 minutes). Level one is as far as I have gotten since I started on Friday because it is recommend that you complete level one for weeks 1-2. Jillian comes next with cardio level 2 which adds on another 10 minutes and Kim comes in with cardio level 3 which is a kickboxing routine for another 10 minutes.

By week 6, the workout will run around 50 minutes but at the beginning it will run you around 30 depending on if you take breaks or not. For a 30 minute workout you do get a good calorie burn in.

Here are results from days 1 - 3. Day 1 is normally my day to follow along while taking note of everything that occurs in the workout which means I do not always catch every move but I do try. As the days go on, I try to add in a move that I may have missed on the first day or add more reps of moves that I may have stopped earlier than those in the workout.

Day 1 (Introduction)

              Day 2 (gave more than the previous day)

Day 3 (Completed some additional reps)

I do enjoy burning more calories than I did the day before, but I focus more on getting in all the moves and digging deeper than I did the day before even if I have to do a few reps more than once to get the hang of it.

One of the biggest things that I like about this workout is that it actually features real people. By real, I mean people who are not flaunting around their bodies in sports bras and short shorts (but I do suppose the whole "if you got it flaunt it" phrase appeals to most). The participants in this workout are actually from the Biggest Loser. There are times when they get off sync, when they don't dig as deep, when sweat is pouring off of them and they are breathing hard. These are the things that I want to see in a workout which is targeted at helping you lose weight. I can't follow someone (in other workouts) who does a modified version of something which is on the same level with the non-modification.

Yes, this workout does have modifications but they are modifications that I can follow. Each day I cannot wait to do this workout because seeing contestants from the Biggest Loser inspires me to push myself because I know that I can dig deep for something I want.

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