Thursday, April 4, 2013

Struggling to Eat More

Yes, if I was reading that title (and knew me like I know me) I wouldn't believe it, but it's true. I never thought I would ever say, in my entire life, that I am struggling to eat more.

Now, when I say I am struggling to eat more, I don't mean that I don't have enough food to choose from. I mean that after I exercise, and my calories are adjusted, I can't think of anything additional to eat to put me closer to my calorie budget.

The days in which I really struggle are the days when I exercise the most, Wednesdays and Fridays. I don't see myself giving up exercising any time soon, so I have to find some things to fill in for those missing calories. and I need to find it soon.

My plan is to incorporate smoothies into my diet. Incorporating smoothies has been a goal of mine for a while now, after all I have all of the necessary items but I am just too lazy to throw them in the blender and blend them; especially after I have gone to the gym and returned home to tackle homework.

To get closer to my calories last week and this week, I have been consuming birthday cake (last Saturday and this past Monday my parents celebrated their birthdays) and Easter deserts. Of course, none of that is healthy when eaten multiple times a week, but it has helped me get closer to my calorie goal and getting closer to my calorie goal paid off last week.

Weeks ago, I sampled a protein shake at my local GNC and even if it had been mixed with milk (instead of water, all the manager had was water) I am not sure if I would have wanted to have a bulky container of protein powder on my counter and use it three times before giving it up.

Luckily, I found the largest size of Naked Juice that I could possibly find and have kept that on hand for a quick pick me up before the gym. I just need something new for after the gym. That's why I figured that incorporating fresh ingredients into smoothies was my best bet at staying healthy and getting closer to my calories. It enables me to stay healthy while curbing a sweet tooth. Therefore, the sooner I find the perfect smoothie, the better.


  1. I've been having the exact same problem! On the days when I exercise (which is most) I struggle to get to my minimum energy intake requirements because I'm full. I've been struggling to think of things I can eat that are energy dense, healthy and aren't going to make me feel sick from overeating. I hadn't even thought about making smoothies. Top idea, thank you for sharing this Kari!

    Definitely let us know if you find yummy smoothy recipes!

    1. No problem! I am just happy to know that I am not the only person who was struggling with this. I also never thought I would ever have this problem, where I am struggling to find things to give me additional calories. I will definitely pass on some smoothie recipes (especially if I can find some combinations that aren't widely thought of but are surprisingly tasty), please do the same if you find some!