Friday, April 12, 2013

Week In Review

Another week has come and gone, looking back on it, this week went by rather quickly (it's funny how on Monday it never seems that Friday will get here). With all that aside, I feel that I have had another good week. Of course, if I stepped on the scale it would probably say otherwise, but I feel really good about my week.

As usual, I had goals for this week. As usual, I had goals I didn't meet.

Drinking at least 32 ounces of water seems to be impossible for me. There was only one day this week that I was able to drink over 32 ounces of water, simply because it was 94 degrees outside and by the time I got inside I felt like a dog left out in the heat with no water in its bowl. This will be a goal of mine until I finally accomplish it.

As far as staying low carb, this week there were a couple of days where I had one main carb and my side item was another carb. That really didn't bother me as much because there were more times this week when my meals didn't consist of more than one carb.

Exercise was pretty much non-existent this week. I went to the gym, literally ran in, hoped on the machine for 15 minutes, then ran back out - I was that short on time, but wanted to get in a much needed (even if very short) workout. That is the day in which I really tested out my New Balance N4 HRM.

I am still working on being proud of the body I am in but one thing I am proud of is knowing that my workout clothes are getting looser. That is a major non-scale victory. This week and last week have been so good for me that I could probably go without getting on the scale once again, but I know I will have to eventually.

Hopefully, if I do choose to weigh-in tomorrow, the results will be something I have worked for.

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