Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Goals

This weeks goals are going to be very straightforward.

  • Log EVERYTHING!!- I had to put that in all caps for myself, before it goes into my mouth, it will be logged, this is the only way I can be accountable for everything that I eat or drink.
  • Exercise - I have a very busy week ahead of me but that is no excuse for me to slack up on my exercising. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (if you don't and would like to, the links are provided to the right) you already know that I have begun The Biggest Losers Cardio Max workout. I have only done 3 days but I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far (more to come in a future post) but I would like to keep this going for the entire week.
  • Focus on clean eating / cut out junk foods - I am not sure what my exact definition of clean eating is but I do know that I am still monitoring my carbohydrate intake but I would like to keep my carb intake in check and increase protein and vegetables. At times that can get to be slightly difficult when you are in a rut food wise (which for me basically means, when you have a fridge full of food but you don't want to eat any).
  • Enjoy the last two days of the semester as well as the first day of exams - This probably seems like it has nothing to do with weight loss, but for me, if I can enjoy the last two days of the semester (that will be no problem at all) and make it through the first day of exams (without having a nervous breakdown) my week will be that much better which will definitely help me on this journey. 
These are the things I have to focus on to get my mind back into this weight loss game and to get myself back on the right path on this journey. 

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