Friday, April 19, 2013

Week In Review & Boston Reflections

Looking back on my week, it was neither exceptional nor was it horrible, I would say it was somewhere in between but before I talk about my week I want to address something bigger.

I have always wanted to participate in a marathon (whether half or full) and my heart goes out to those in Boston who were doing what they wanted (and what many of them loved)  but an act of senselessness brought that to a tragic end. I will never be able to understand how the minds of other individuals work, why would anyone want to bring harm to other; especially innocent children who did nothing to you. Why must anyone take their anger, hate or frustration out on others?

Since Monday, many runners (even if they were not in Boston) have united to run for a common goal, to run for those affected; not just the individuals who were there but their families as well. I also commend the family members of those affected (whether they are survivors or they lost their lives) because they have been brave when others have not been able to, they also need our prayers to get them through this and my heart goes out to them also.

Looking back on my week, I did better than I thought I would. There were two days this week where I was actually able to drink about 30 ounces of water. That is a first for me (to have two days, that were not 90 degrees or above) that I was able to do that. I was able to give up the bulk of my Diet Dr. Pepper's, I only had 2 this week (one from the machine at school and one at home). This was a major accomplishment for me because lately I have only wanted Sweet Tea, Diet Dr. Pepper or Water (all in that order with the healthiest beverage option being last).

My eating was okay this week, I try to eat my larger meals at the beginning of the week and then eat smaller meals as the week progresses and I managed to do that. Exercise more, I have wanted to test my Polar FT4 out so bad that I couldn't wait to get in the gym the other day (check out Wednesdays post for a review on the Polar FT4) and I was impressed with the numbers I was seeing.

Today, was the best workout I have had on this journey. 52 total minutes in which I worked out my legs and did two elliptical (one for 30 minutes, the other for a 15 minutes cool down). Because I never know the proper names of machines, I have included the picture down below for reference (the two machines were the Precor on the left and the one on the right).

Earlier this month I gained 4.2 pounds and manged to lose 3 of those pounds last week, my goal for this week was to lose 1.2 pounds and although I am really hoping that I did, I feel that I am in a spot on the journey that my weight will fluctuate until I can find something that really works for me. Looking at what I have written down, I suppose my week wasn't too bad but as always there is room for improvement and tomorrow I will see whether my efforts this week have paid off or not. 

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